SPC Plugins

NEW VERSION! Gater-Pro v3.0

Gater-Pro Audio Plugin

New 'STRETCH' tied gate mode, improved display, ALL TIES ON button and number of programs increased to 50 with 18 new presets.


Freek Audio Plugin

Stereo frequency shifter and barberpole phaser with tempo-locked delays, dual 96-waveform LFOs and phase-lock. All audio processing 64-bit


Wobbulator Audio Plugin

Stereo ring-modulation with dual 96-waveform LFOs, drive and alias


Morphilter Audio Plugin

Stereo Multimode (LP/N/BP/HP) Filter with drive, dual multi-wave LFOs and separate LFO-driven crossfading


Gater Audio Plugin

FREE Stereo Trance Gate with dual envelope shapes and pattern randomise