SPC Plugins

New Programs In ArcSyn v2.0

Arp Bass Beltaine FX Duck Bell 1 FX Duck Bell 2 Liquid Bell MW Arp Chord 1 Arp Chord 2 Arp Chord 3 Area 51 Suspended Discordant RingMod Keys Arp Lead Computer Lead Harsh Leading Edge MW FX Lonesome Lead MondoSaw LR Noisy Arp Lead Red Menace Arp Reverb Duck Lead Axos HPF Corona Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Pagan Stereo Pad The Other Side Ultimate ArcSyn Pad MW Utradense Pad Umber Vocale Anthemic Arp Forest Arp Happy M9 Chords Arp LR Arp Mechanism MW Arp MW Bleeper Arp MW Plain Arp Science Arp Random Arp 1 Random Arp 2 Random Arp 3 Random Arp 4 Semi-Random Arp 1 Semi-Random Arp 2 Shifty Arp Tranquil Arp 4-Bar Plain Rise 8-Bar Chord of Doom Abstract Arp Fairytale Creatures Freakout MW 1 Freakout MW 2 Glider Metallic Fog Shepard Tone Wierd Arp MW Redeye Total: 60